Welcome to CNSUK

Centre for Nepal Studies UK (CNSUK) is a research organisation registered in England and Wales under the Companies Act 2006. CNSUK's areas of research include ethnic minority and integration; community cohesion; population and migration; social mobility; labour market; health; education; gender; religion and culture; conflicts; British Gurkhas; rural and international development; and environment in the UK and elsewhere. CNSUK is founded and run by a team of high-level professionals, trained from reputed UK and other international universities, and have significant research experiences, including in the United Nations and other international institutions. Furthermore, the organisation benefits from a range of skills and experiences of well established university professors, who act as the advisors of CNSUK.
CNSUK’s research activities are not-for-profit, thanks to the voluntary contribution made by its professional members, associates, and advisors. The organisation has completed some ground-breaking researches related to Nepali diaspora population in the UK. Among them are the large scale survey (popularised as Census) of Nepali ethnic minority in the UK (2007- 09), Diaspora religion project conducted in partnership with the University of Oxford (2009 - 12), and Gurkha pensions policies (2012- 14). CNSUK has partnership with various academic institutions in the UK including the Britain Nepal Academic Council. 
Currently, the organisation is led by a team, among others, comprising of Executive Director Mr. Lokendra Dhakal and Board of Directors: Dr. Chandra Laksamba and Dr. Krishna Adhikari.