Current Projects

Migration and Social Mobility

This study is funded by the Big Lottery Fund (BLF). This is built on CNSUK’s large scale research project 2007 – 2010. The project officially commenced on 18 June 2015 and will complete on 17 June 2016. The study aims to explore social mobility patterns of the Nepa........

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Environmental Awareness

Awareness and Attitude towards Environmentally Friendly Food among South Asian Communities in Britain (2015 - 2017)   Little is known about the way environmental messages in the food products are communicated among different ethnic groups of people. In this context, the study focuses........

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Journal of the Global Nepali Diaspora

CNSUK is in the process of launching a Journal of the Global Nepali Diaspora. The first issue will be a special issue on Gurkhas and will be published online in June 2016. (The inaugural issue, possible themes may include: (1) The history of Gurkha recruitment and its effects in Nepal; (2) Tripar........

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Limbus’ Kipat and Realities: An Analysis

The ancestral Limbu federal kingdom is known as Limbuwan which spans from the Arun River in Nepal to Sikkim in the east. The federal kingdom of Limbus was converted into a Kipat by Prithivi Narayan Shah during the treaty with 10 Limbu kings, which Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and his Panchayat regime........

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Media Survey

Federation of Nepali Journalists, UK Chapter (FNJ-UK) has joined forces with the CNSUK to undertake Media Survey 2014 with Nepali community residing in the UK. The survey enquired about preference and taste of Nepali community on types and contents of media they use in the UK. The survey covered ........

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