New Identity Politics and the 2012 Collapse of Nepal's Constituent Assembly: When the dominant becomes ‘other’

CNSUK's Researcher Dr Krishna Adhikari and Advisor Prof David N. Gellner's paper on New Identity Politics is published in Modern Asia Studies.  This article explores the politicization of ethnicity in Nepal since 1990. In particular it looks at how ideas of indigeneity ........

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Shrines and identities in Britain's Nepali diaspora (2016)

Shrines and identities in Britain's Nepali diaspora Gellner, DN, Hausner, SL, Laksamba, C, Adhikari, KP 1 March 2010Journal article Journal:DiasporaVolume:19Issue:1, pp.116 - 146 © 2016 Diaspora: A journal of transnational studies. This article examines the tension between publicly ........

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The 2015 Earthquake, experience and perception; Abroad and in Nepal (in Nepali)

२०७२ सालको भुइँचालो, भोगाइ र अनुभूति : परदेश र स्वदेश डा कृष्ण अधिकारी   यो लेखमा हजारौं जीउधन र लाखौँ घरबास ........

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Education and Employment of Nepali Doctors and Nurses

- Dr Chandra Laksamba

This article is about the employment and social mobility of Nepali doctors, nurses, and their children in the UK. It mainly explores past and present trends and highlights possible future directions. Hence, the article is more descriptive than analytical The presence of Nepali doctors in the ........

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बेलायतमा नेपाली इण्टिग्रेशन: सामाजिक पूँजीको सन्दर्भ

- डा. कृष्ण अधिकारी

अवधारणा: नेपालमा समाजिक कार्यलाई अँग्रेजीमा बुझाउदा सोसल वर्क र समाजसेवीलाई सोसल वर्कर भनेर बुझाउने चलन छ । त........

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A Glimpse of the Nepali Population in the UK

Until recently it was widely believed that Janga Bahadur Rana, then the Prime Minister of Nepal, was the first Nepali, along with 24 members of his entourage, to visit the UK. A paper published in England in July 1850, shows that Mutty Loll Sing (Moti Lal Singh), who had participated in the Anglo........

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CNSUK`s Report and Gurkha Pension Issues

- By Dr. Chandra Laksamba and Dr. Krishna Adhikari

    In about 200 years of British Gurkha history, the last two decades saw unprecedented public debate on Gurkha services. The issues of the Gurkhas, that were once the subject of inter-governmental agreements have now become a matter of broader public scrutiny. &n........

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