Gurkha Pensions Review-An Advocacy Report is Being Finalized

News Date : Nov 30, -1
Recent changes, such as permitting Gurkhas with at least four years of service to settle in the UK or equalizing pay and pensions of the serving Gurkhas, have done little to address the issue of the unequal pensions of retired Gurkhas, a the majority of whom are now lawful residents in the UK. The pensions agenda is one of many issues of equity that Gurkha organisations have been raising, but it is clearly the most important in that it affects those who have already retired and are rapidly aging.

The government argues the Gurkhas pensions and welfare being 'legal' and 'fair' which Gurkha organizations refuse to accept. In this context, CNSUK has investigated the British Gurkha pension policies and campaigns for equal rights. Are the 'fair' and 'equal' same things? Please wait to read our comprehensive report on this important subject.

We are currently giving a finishing touch to the report. We have set some important appointments with MPs, and shadow Secretary of Defence to discuss our findings. We are planing to launch our report towards to middle of October and seeking to do so at the premises of the House of Commons. The report, to be about 120 page, A5 size, will be published as a book.

Please visit this page if you are interest about our research or the launching of the report itself.