Centre for Nepal Studies UK (CNSUK) is an organization registered in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985. The aim of CNSUK is to carry out research and provide consultancy services in the issues related to ethnic minority; community cohesion; population and migration; labour market; health; education; gender; religion and culture; conflicts; British Gurkha; community, rural and international development; and environment in the UK and elsewhere. CNSUK is founded and run by a team of high-level professionals, trained from reputed UK and other international universities, and have significant research experiences, including in the United Nations and other international institutions. Furthermore, the organisation benefits from a range of skills and experiences of well established university professors, who act as the advisors of CNSUK.

In 2008 CNSUK, in collaboration with NRNUK (and with the support from various Nepalese...


To be a leading organisation in advancing studies related to population, health, education, employment, housing, gender equality and equity, also rights and citizenship among the Nepalese ethnic minority living in the UK and the relationships of these aspects to promote social integration of Nepalese in the UK communities; and also to be a pioneer organisation for advancing studies related to population, health, education, environment, community development, and human rights issues and to influence policy and programmes towards improving the quality of life of Nepali citizens residing in Nepal. CNSUK is dedicated to work towards improving the overall quality of life of Nepali ethnic...


CNSUK Team Appeared in Parliamentary Hearing on Gurkha

Dr Sugden and Dr Shrestha Join CNSUK

CNSUK has appointed two new...

Lokendra Pursush Dhakal appointed CNSUK's New Executive...

CNSUK's Annual General Meeting held in Reading today (25/12/2013) appointed Mr Lokendra Purush Dhakal as its new Executive Director (ED) for two years. He will assume his new role from 1 January 2014. Mr...


Calls for Articles: We have started an Article column in our webpage. We call for research articles in English or Nepali on issues related to Nepalese, Nepalse diaspora or ethnic minorities in the UK. Please kindly forward your artlcle to cnsuk07@gmail.com 
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Vernacular Religion: Varieties of Religiosity in the Nepali Diaspora (Project 2009-2012)

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